Experienced DC HCG Diet Doctors will provide you with information on the HCG Diet Protocol, HCG Diet Plans and HCG Diet Injections available in Washington DC.

Each HCG Diet Plan is personalized based on the needs and weight loss goals of each patient. Washington DC HCG Diet Doctors work directly with patients throughout the diet to ensure they achieve their weight loss goals.

It is vital that you follow the advice of a qualified Washington DC HCG Diet Doctor in order to obtain the most effective and proper results from the HCG Diet and HCG Weight Loss Programs.

Once you locate the Washington DC HCG Diet Doctors closest to you, contact several local Washington DC HCG Doctors and HCG Clinics to ask questions, discuss weight loss goals and determine which Washington DC HCG Weight Loss Specialist is the best match for you and your weight loss needs. This is important as our HCG Diet Doctors directory believes the doctor-patient relationship is vital to a persons’ overall weight loss success.

*Other than prescription HCG Diet injections, the source of all other forms of HCG cannot be trusted and should be avoided.

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Eric Nager, M.D. -Belcara Health

Baltimore Maryland HCG Doctor, Eric C. Nager, M.D. provides HCG Diet Injections and HCG Weight Loss Protocols at Belcara Health of Maryland. At Belcara Health, Dr. Nager’s approach to Integrative Medicine involves an innovative array of wellness solutions, including HCG Weight Loss Programs, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapies, IV Therapies, Micronutrients, and Nutrition Counseling. Using his finely-honed diagnostic skills, advanced technology, and sophisticated techniques, Dr. Nager empowers his patients to optimize their health and wellness, for now, and the years ahead.

Many people view weight loss as a very personal and private journey. Weight loss is a physical and emotional process that can be very difficult to achieve and maintain, especially when doing it alone. At Belcara Health, we developed BHFit – an innovative, medically supervised weight loss program that offers the opportunity for lasting weight loss quickly and safely. Our program combines prescription medication with professional nutritional guidance to help you lose weight, keep it off and stay fit for life. This combination of medical pharmacology with sound nutritional choices, our program enables your body to burn fat faster and more effectively so you can lose weight quickly, safely and comfortably.

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