Experienced North Carolina HCG Diet Doctors will provide you with information on the HCG Diet Protocol, HCG Diet Plans and HCG Diet Injections available in the state of North Carolina.

Each HCG Diet Plan is personalized based on the needs and weight loss goals of each patient. North Carolina HCG Diet Doctors work directly with patients throughout the diet to ensure they achieve their weight loss goals.

It is vital that you follow the advice of a qualified North Carolina HCG Diet Doctor in order to obtain the most effective and proper results from the HCG Diet and HCG Weight Loss Programs.

Once you locate the North Carolina HCG Diet Doctors closest to you, contact several local North Carolina HCG Doctors and HCG Clinics to ask questions, discuss weight loss goals and determine which North Carolina HCG Weight Loss Specialist is the best match for you and your weight loss needs. This is important as our HCG Diet Doctors directory believes the doctor-patient relationship is vital to a persons’ overall weight loss success.

*Other than prescription HCG Diet injections, the source of all other forms of HCG cannot be trusted and should be avoided.

We are proud to connect you with HCG Diet Doctors in North Carolina:

Dr. Scott’s Weight Loss & Wellness

Dr. Scott’s Weight Loss & Wellness

6640-G Old Monroe rd.

Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079

800-775-5201 Ext. 251

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Dr. Scott’s Weight Loss & Wellness

Dr. Scott Shapiro M.D. comes to south Charlotte wanting to improve the quality of people’s lives through physician-guided weight loss management and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Scott Shapiro believes in providing individualized care to his patients, and many people can benefit from his expert weight loss protocols, injections, and the HCG Diet. Dr. Scott offers patients a new effective weight loss treatment, which combines small regular doses of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is also referred to as HCG, and a specific clinician and dietitian supervised restricted calorie diet. Dr. Shapiro treats both men and women, and he has helped countless men and women to lose weight with his Medical Weight Loss Services. Dr. Scott is committed to listening to concerns with patience and understanding, and he will strive to find exactly the right therapy that best addresses his patient’s unique health issues.
Many patients have been able to improve their health and increase wellness through Dr. Scott Shapiro’s expert care.

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