Feel better than ever with HCG!

It’s time to look and feel your best! Whether you need to lose a significant amount of weight or you’re just looking to shed an extra 15–20 pounds, a medical weight loss specialist can help. They’ll create a customized diet plan tailored to your body and your goals.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, better known as HCG, is a hormone that is naturally produced in women’s bodies during pregnancy. HCG ensures that the fetus receives the nutrients and calories it needs for healthy development, even if a mother is malnourished.

Thanks to incredible scientific breakthroughs, men and women can now utilize HCG in conjunction with a low-calorie diet for incredible weight-loss results. Because of the way that HCG preserves lean tissue and produces energy, HCG injections have become a popular dietary supplement in a weight-loss regimen known as the HCG Diet Protocol.

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What can HCG do for me?

A qualified HCG diet doctor can evaluate your weight loss goals and needs to create a personally tailored program that combines a protein-rich, low-calorie diet with daily HCG shots for incredible weight loss results. An HCG diet supervised by a qualified medical specialist is a safe way to lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently.

Many low-calorie diets fail because in addition to burning fat, dieters also lose lean muscle tissue. The HCG diet is unique in that low-caloric intake encourages rapid weight loss, while the HCG hormone preserves lean muscle tissue and prevents hunger. This means you lose weight fast without losing muscle tissue.

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HCG for Men: While human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is largely produced in women’s bodies, it is still perfectly safe for most men to take as part of an HCG weight loss program. Men who lose weight with HCG typically also experience more energy, increased testosterone, improved lean muscle tissue and greater libido. Learn more about HCG injections for men.

HCG for Women: Many women who are interested in fast and permanent weight loss, better moods, more energy, greater hormone regulation and improved confidence may find that an HCG diet protocol can provide just what they have been searching for. Under the guidance of HCG Diet Doctors, women are experiencing incredible weight loss and improving their overall well-being with HCG shots. Learn more about HCG injections for women.

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