Why do you need a Doctor’s Prescription for HCG Diet Injections?

We care about the lasting effect of your diet efforts and your money. We have developed a directory to provide you with the top HCG doctors who are ready to help guide you through your HCG diet journey.

There are many websites and companies out there selling HCG drops and products that are not effective. Many do not even contain HCG. There are dieters out there being fooled by these companies that claim to sell the highest quality, prescription grade, or pure HCG drops and injections, but they don’t contain the correct dosages to do the job. If HCG is not prescribed then it is not regulated and the source or percentage of HCG contained in the product can be diluted or not effective. We don’t want you to waste your money or put impure substances into your body causing unwanted negative symptoms, which we are hearing about in the news. Products that are purchased online can be from out of country and or from animal sources and not from humans.

As a wise and conscious consumer you deserve the best-quality HCG available and have specialized doctors ready to help you along your way to feel the YOU shine through that body of yours.

The main reason that it is so important to get your HCG from a doctor is because it is pharmaceutical grade HCG that has the amounts your body needs to burn up the fat reserves instead of lean muscle and structural fats. The homeopathic drops do not have enough of the HCG to do that. The weight that is lost may be from muscles or structural fats and often people experience a reunion of the fat pounds after taking unregulated HCG products. To make sure you are getting what you are paying for it is wise and sensible to seek professional guidance.

This is a diet that you should not enter into without a doctor’s supervision. We are here to help you get your money’s worth and make it worth your while. This site provides you access to local doctors to guide you toward greater health and vitality inside and out. We are here for you and care about your success in dropping the extra fat and keeping it off.

What is the hCG diet?

The hCG diet consists of taking the hCG hormone and limiting food consumption to between 500 and 1000 calories per day, for a minimum of 26 days with injections for 23 days and a maximum of 43 days with injections for 40 days, depending on the source. Generally, the dieter can have two meals a day consisting of a protein, a vegetable (spinach, chard, chicory, beet greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage), bread, and a fruit (orange, an apple, a handful of strawberries, or half a grapefruit). It’s suggested that you broil or grill veal, chicken, beef or fresh white fish, lobster or shrimp. Eel, salmon, tuna, herring and pickled fish are prohibited. Sugar substitutes are fine, but not real sugar or sweetened drinks. Oils and butter are also not allowed. The diet does allow the consumption of as much coffee, water, and tea the dieter wants as well as 1 tablespoon of milk per day. Of the foods that are allowed, they should be high in protein and low in starches, carbohydrates and high-fat.

Is the HCG Diet for Women and Men?

Both men and women can use the hCG diet.  For women, the treatments help provide body sculpting benefits as well as reversing certain signs of aging and reducing fat in areas such as double chins, droopy jowls and potbellies. Also, the hCG hormone helps to reconstruct the anatomical fat that all women have in greater quantity than men and improves the look of the face, neck and hands. In addition, energy levels of women using hCG are higher than those dieting without the use of hCG. The benefits of hCG for men are similar to those for women, but in men, hCG helps to increase testosterone levels. The natural production of testosterone gives men more energy, drive and a sense of positive well-being (less irritability, positive mood states), which helps to ensure that men will adhere to the strict rules of the diet without the negative feelings associated with a VLCD.

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*Other than prescription HCG Diet injections, the source of all other forms of HCG cannot be trusted and should be avoided.