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The HCG Diet is a physician supervised medical weight loss program that helps patients safely and dramatically lose weight while maintaining high levels of energy. When you receive the hormone HCG, your body receives its energy from fat stores instead of muscle. This helps you to lose large amounts of weight while still having the energy for everyday activities. It is vital that you follow a physician’s instructions that are provided with any HCG program. Other than prescription HCG, the source of all other forms of HCG CANNOT be trusted and should be avoided. HCG Diet programs are so successful because it prevents discomfort from hunger while you subside on a low calorie diet. This is essential because giving into feelings of extreme hunger is the biggest reason that so many people fail on traditional diets.

To learn more about the HCG Diet, contact several local HCG Doctors to learn more about their individual programs. All HCG Diet doctors on this directory have extensive training and experience with HCG Diet administration and patient supervised weight loss. We recommend that you reach out to several local HCG weight loss specialist and then schedule a consultation with the physician you feel best fits your needs. This gives you the opportunity to ask more about the doctor’s specialized HCG programs and to discuss your weight loss goals.

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