HCG Medical Weight Loss for Women and Men

Learn how to safely and quickly lose weight the HCG Medical Weight Loss Program

What is the HCG DietHCG Diet Doctors Locator connects women and men with local HCG Diet doctors who specialize in medical weight loss programs. The HCG Diet is a personalized diet program that utilizes the hormone HCG to help patients safely lose around 1 pound of fat per day. Once your unique HCG Diet plan is created, a physician will work with you throughout the process to ensure the best possible weight loss results.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced by women in the first stages of pregnancy. It draws energy from the body’s fat stores to compensate for low caloric intake and malnutrition and helps ensure that babies are born healthy. This same hormone is used to stimulate weight loss by eliminating hunger and retaining energy when used in combination with a typical 500-calorie per day diet.

Benefits of the HCG Diet

It is indeed true that hcg diet has many benefits. That is why it has become extremely popular among both men and women. They are impressed by the results they have seen for themselves. One of the major results that they have experienced is that they began to lose about one pound every day, which equates to around thirty pounds in a month!

Physician supervised HCG Injections

It was discovered that along with substantial weight loss and the ability to keep it off after the HCG Diet Injections program was complete, there were many more benefits experienced from being on this program. The following are just a few benefits the HCG Diet provides:

  • No loss of muscle mass
  • Normalizes thryroid gland
  • Rebuilds the andrenaline glands
  • Balances the hormones out put
  • Replaces the good cushioning “fat pad” through-out the body
  • Normalizes cholesterol levels
  • Normalizes appetite demands
  • Gets rid of large pot belly on both male and female
  • Reduces fat deposits on double chins

It is no hyperbole that HCG diet is much better than other types of diet for various reasons. It is amazing to note that the HCG dieters never felt tired or lacking in energy during the dieting period. This is where the unique concept of the diet comes into play. As a matter of fact the uniqueness of the HCG diet is that the dieter draws energy primarily from the fat stores in his or her body. The body does not be supplied extra fat by the intake of fatty substances or fibrous eatables. Instead the fat that is already stored up in the body gets used up in the case of the HCG dieters.

In the case of the other types of diets, the dieter has to depend on the intake of some fatty substances to supply his or her body with fat. In such a case any diet for that matter would not work well. The HCG dieter has to simply consume a limited amount of food comprising of only up to 500 calories. This limited food will nicely react with the HCG diet injections work wonders in the body of the dieter. The dieter in turn will begin to lose fat from the right places in the body. Not only that, the dieter will also retain lean muscle. This is the other area where HCG diet works to perfection. In the case of the other types of diets, the lean muscle is not generally retained by the dieter. In other words it can be said that the dieter begins to lose his or her muscle in the dieting period.

Another IMPORTANT benefit of the HCG diet is that the dieter never feels tired or short of energy during the dieting period. This is because of the fact that the required amount of energy is taken up directly from the stored up stubborn fat in various areas of the dieter. This is a continuous process and hence the dieter never feels short of the required energy to perform his or her daily duties. The enormous benefits of HCG diet speak for themselves.

Celebrities are used to endorse most of the popular brands of different products as a means of advertisement. However, when a celebrity admits publicly to using a certain product without any monetary benefit attached to it, then be sure the product is good. When celebrities like Snooki, Britney Spears and JWOWW spoke of the good results they got from HCG in reducing their weight, their fans where instantly converted to using the same diet plans. These celebrities were aware of the great abilities of the HCG diet to reduce and maintain a perfect body without unnecessary excess fat. Not only has the HCG diet has been recommended by celebrities, but even other ordinary people who have used it and seen its success.

HCG can be taken via injections which are supervised by a medical practitioner. Experts on HCG strongly advise that the only safe and effective way to use HCG is with a doctor’s careful guidance.

It’s time to start your weight loss success story. Contact a local HCG Diet Doctor today and transform the way you look and feel – for good.